A River Runs Through It

Artificers Log:™ 26th of Olarune, 3212 YC.

...The next move…the Machine Man had this daft idea to make everyone swim through an underground cave. A couple of Dwarves and a dragon wanna be in plate…swimming isn’t exactly our racial heritage. I guess sleeping for millennia has knocked a few nuts and bolts loose. Though I have to admit, all things considered, it wasn’t that bad of a swim.

Upon exiting our underwater death trap, our ever adventurous ranger charged a whole group of fish things all by himself! The floor was too slippery for anyone else to follow. The altruistic Paladin somehow saved Shoal, sacrificing himself for the good of the party. My fellow dwarf was very…umm…un-dwarfy for someone with a meat cleaver of that size. I guess after you have seen Gurn Battlebeard fight, you expect more from those close range people. We all could probably use to be in the dwarven military for a few months to get our tactics down.

After the rogue woke from his slumber, he killed the biggest fish/slime thing. This resulted in the magical runes I detected to stop holding the water at bay. The resulting flood in the room forced us, drow prisoner included, to take refuge on a rickety wooden bridge. Lucky for us it floated. Not so lucky for us, too many people were trying to help, and we ended up capsizing our bridge.


That really should have ended with “Malice failed us yet again.”

A River Runs Through It

LOL totally

A River Runs Through It

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