The start of a supply line

We left the Creation forge after meeting with Envoys from Brock fafner and The Battlebeard Clan. So with our new companions Donn of the theives guild and Deruk Battlebeard in tow we headed out to secure the tradelines through the underdark. After talking with Deruk we came to the conclusion our primary opjective is to stop the drow raiding parties that hit the old dwarven road that we are going to be using as a trade lane. we chose to bypass the underdark trading outpost of Deephole as we didn’t want to raise suspicion of where we are coming from.

After a few days travel we came to a guardpost on the far side of a ravine with only a small bridge leading across. There were two lit torches on that far side. After crossing the ravine we broke open the door to find 4 long dead humans who appeard to have killed themselves. We searched the building and found a drow looking book as well as a amulet with tentacle shapes on it. we took the everburning torches and continued on.

After another day or so travel we came to a large mushroom forest with a fairly clear path through the mushrooms. After a few hours of travel Twilight got bored and decided to investigate the local moving mushrooms. He wandered off with Donn in tow. After a short walk he found himself a a Large lake with a monolith in the middle. Twilight used his magic boots to walk across the lake toward the monolith. after a few strides Donn noticed a second set of foot prints on the water following twilight and he opened fire with his hand crossbow. Twilight yelped in pain from the impact that never actually hit him. Shoal arrived on scene and played with the water and determined its some sort of mirror image. Twilight proceeded to the monolith and took some rubbings of the monolith to be inspected later by Someone a little better versed in the arcane or religious relics.

With another mystery unsolved the party continued on through the mushroom forest to the scene of a battle in a drow camp. there were several dead drow scattered around a recent camp. Donn went about his looting duties while the rest of the party looked for clues. Twilight and Shoal with the help of deruk were able to follow the tracks out of camp and determine that the drow were attacked by some sort of fish people and had a drow female with them (possible captive). After tracking them for some time we caught up with the fish people at some sort of underground river. After engaging them we realized they were the least of our problems as we were attacked by some sort of shadow hulk. After a long and tiring fight all enemies where dispatched and Twilight and Shoal starting looking for secret doors and tracks as to where the drow could have gone. Twilight found a deep hole in the center of the room that the river was depositing into. Also, in the corner of the room Shoal found a bunch of gems in some sort of shrine. Shoal loaded up his pockets with gems then went back to the rest of the party to determine their next move…....



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